Work 2 Workout™ Mission Statement

Our mission with the Work 2 Workout™ incentive program is to motivate at risk students to focus on their education with the aspiration of building healthier bodies through physical fitness. By educating underprivileged youths about how to take care of their bodies in a healthy way, the Work 2 Workout™ program elevates the students' level of self respect, which in turn helps them to achieve success in the classroom.  Amongst our sophisticated Work 2 Workout™ programs, we also help raise funds for schools that are unable to afford the cost of a high level athletic staff or updated gym facilities.  We believe that by helping these schools, they will be able to offer students a concrete vision of the importance of strengthening both mind and body. Our Work 2 Workout™ program is unique in the way that it is not free of cost, rather students must earn the privilege of being a part of the Work 2 Workout™ program by maintaining their school grades and meeting attendance requirements.

The National Federation of Professional Trainers has agreed to donate one personal trainer certification to a staff member at all schools participating in the Work 2 Workout™ program. This allows the schools to run the Work 2 Workout™ exercise program on a daily basis.

Fit and Functional, a subsidiary personal training company, donates supervised Work 2 Workout™ exercise classes to eligible students. Also, Fit and Functional offers educational programs for graduating high school students interested in becoming a certified personal trainer. Job placement and internships are made available to students who complete necessary courses and whom graduate from high school.

We believe by educating underprivileged students on the importance of health and physical fitness will not only expose them to an interest in the health care field, but will also teach them the appropriate ways to care for their body and mind.  In addition, we hope to have a positive effect on controlling the child obesity epidemic that schools are facing throughout this country.

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